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How to Find the Best Summer Camp Jobs in 2024

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Our 2024 Guide to Finding the Best Summer Camp Job is a great summer camp resource for new or experienced camp counselors and staff, and includes useful information and inside tips on important Summer Camp Job Topics, such as: What are Camp Directors Looking For, How to Find the Right Camp to Work For, The Best Camp Staff Training Programs, Camp Staff Salaries, Summer Camp Counselor in Training Programs, the Best Camp Leadership Training programs, and much more.

We are currently updating and adding to our 2024 Summer Camp Jobs Guide information daily, so please check back often.

What do you want from your Summer Camp Staff experience? This is the question you need to ask BEFORE you set out to find ANY job at summer camp. Do you want this to be a learning adventure, a character building experience, something physically challenging, skill building, for college credit, for resume' building, or that's just plain summer fun?

Maybe you're looking for a camp that satisfies more than one of the above? Ask yourself -- you might be surprised at the answers.

What are Camps and Camp Directors Looking for in future Camp Counselors and Staff?

PREVIOUS CAMP EXPERIENCE: Summer Camp is unlike almost any other 'social' or 'educational' experience. Many campers say that their year(s) at summer camp literally changed their lives for the better, opened their eyes to being a better person, created life-long friendships, and taught them many 'truths' about life, independence, and being a part of something much bigger than themselves.

If you had a great camp experience as a camper or CIT, you will likely be more 'attractive' to those camp directors who are looking for camp staff who already 'get it' and who are already 'passionate' about all that's good with Summer Camp.

If you don't have any previous camp experience and are still in high school, you might want to to find a camp that offers a great CIT (Counselor in Training) or Junior Counselor Training program. You might have to 'volunteer' your services, or maybe even pay full or partial tuition, but the experience you gain will be WELL WORTH IT, and will go a long way toward getting that first senior Camp Counselor job.

The most sought after candidates for summer camp employment are College Students with Previous Summer Camp Experience. If you don't have previous summer camp experience, make sure you can point to some other kinds of experiences (teaching, mentoriing, coaching, group leadership, etc) that will show that you are 'a really good coach or leader' or 'great with kids'.

CERTIFICATIONS: You should consider getting a Red Cross Certification in CPR and First Aid. Other certifications are a good idea and might even be necessary, especially for some 'instructor' level positions, like: swim instructor, lifeguard, climbing instructor, etc.

START WITH THE CAMP WEBSITE: Almost every camp has its own website, or at least a dedicated web page on a larger site (like a city's website). You should be able to find a lot of useful camp program, history, and 'philosophy' information there, including all the camp's location and contact info. As you read you will think of some quesitons -- write them down, or send yourself a text/email so you won't lose them.

Many camp websites have 'Camp Employment' pages that will have all the information you need to start your camp job application process, and make sure it gets sent to the right person.

Nowadays, a camp could also have an official Facebook page, or several 'unofficial' ones put up by previous campers or staff. These would be good sources for testimonials and comments about the counselors and staff.

CAMP LOCATION: It's easy nowadays to check out a camp's location using GoogleMaps or other mapping programs. This will give you an actual view of the camp and it's surrounding area. How close is that lake? What's that strange building? Is that a nuclear power plant right next to the camp?

CAMP WEATHER: Go to and enter the camp's location. Enter the target summer dates and check out the average temps, how many days of rain, storm history, etc. Is this the kind of weather you were hoping for? How about pollen or mold allergies?

VEGETATION/POLLEN/MOLD ALLERGIES: If you have them, you should find out about the surrounding vegetation AND the natural occurance of mold.

CAMP HISTORY: History is important, but it's not everything. Remember, the best camps ALL had their very first season. You should be able to get this info from the camp website, but if not -- it's a question you will want to ask in your interview.

CAMP FACILITIES: All camps are not the same (no, duh?) -- some are intentionally rustic and wilderness oriented, some are very high-tech and modern with resort-level creature comforts. You MUST decide if you will be 'comfortable' with the camp facilities provided for counselors and staff.

ACTIVITIES SPECIALISTS: If you are considering being a 'Specialist' in one of the camp's core instructional activities (anything from gymnastics, to guitar, to rock climbing), it is a good idea to check on any specialized facilities and equipment they use for instruction -- make sure you know how to use it, it will probably come up in any questions or interview.

CAMP SAFETY: It is always a good idea to find out about a camp's safety programs and serious camper or staff injury record. Are other counselors certified (or trained) in CPR and basic first aid? What happens if a staff member or camper is injured or becomes seriously ill? Is there a Camp Nurse or a local 'on-call' doctor available?

OTHER CAMP STAFF AND THEIR EXPERIENCE: See if you can find out about the experience and educational levels of other camp staff -- this will give you a good idea of what might be expected.

Camp experience is different from teaching experience -- just because someone might teach computers and technology, that does not mean they would be a good fit as a computer or technology camp counselor. You should also find out about background checks, and if staff will be, or are required to be pre-trained in basic personal safety and first aid.

CAMP FOOD: The quality of the camp's food is very important, so be sure to find out about it. Is it nutritious? Is it fresh? Is it Kosher? Are there 'hot' meals and how often? Can the camp handle any special nutritional needs, food allergies, etc?

SPECIAL CAMP PROGRAMS: These special events and programs make the best camps unique and memorable. Some camps are 'famous' with previous staff & campers for their special canoe-trip overnights, inter-camp sporting contests, staff variety shows, live 'campNews' broadcasts, parent days, all-camp musicals, backwards days, midnight ice cream dances, star-gazing parties, or cabin swaps -- just to name a few. Find out if the camp(s) you are considering have any special programs like the above.

SUMMER CAMP JOBS CAMP CERTIFICATIONS & AWARDS: Is the camp 'accredited' with the ACA? Has the camp received any special recognition or won any awards? Are any counselors Red Cross certified in CPR?

A TYPICAL CAMP DAY: Find out what a typical day is like at camp. Get a sense for how much structured activity vs. 'FREE TIME' there is over the course of the entire day (and evening, if it's a resident camp). How much interaction between groups is there? When are meals? What happens on the weekends? Are there religious services? Does staff have any 'Days Off' or other free time?

PREVIOUS STAFF, CAMPER & CAMP PARENT TESTIMONIALS: The camp website (and Facebook page) might have a page where previous campers and parents have given their camp 'reviews' and testimonials. These are typically ALL positive -- so don't be afraid to dig a little deeper

WHAT TO BRING TO SUMMER CAMP: It is always best to find out EXACTLY what camp staff are expectied to bring, and NOT bring to camp. Can you bring a laptop, an eReader, a car?

We have put a cool collection of summer camp items you might not have thought of on our new The Best Camps .com Official Camp Store page if you want to check it out.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Finding a great summer camp job is much more than just getting a job at a good summer camp -- it's also about knowing EXACTLY what the camp will expect from you, AND making sure the summer camp(s) that want to hire you will be a good fit for your expectations about them. Summer Camp can be one of the most personally rewarding and fondly remembered experiences in anyone's life.

Finding the "Best Camp Job" for you is all about honestly telling the camp about yourself, asking the right questions of the camp, and listening closely to the answers.

MORE INFO IS COMING SOON -- PLEASE CHECK BACK AGAIN. In the meantime, if you would like to visit any of our Special Interest Camp Directories to check out any of the hundreds of great summer camps, we have provided a brief description of each directory and a link to each directory website below.



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